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Rotor harrows




Machine description:

Rotor harrow “Ares” is a machine used for:

  • Inter-row soil cultivation,
  • Breaking up the soil surface,
  • Incorporating fertilizer,
  • Aerating grassland,
  • Shallow stubble cultivation,
  • Mechanical removing weeds.

It is particularly suitable for heavily encrusted, and lumps of soil, that can be broken up by finger weeders.

The machine is extremely efficient per hectare thanks to its high operating speed. Besides great mechanical combat against weeds, it is also the perfect tool for mixing fertilizers into the soil, the maintenance of grassland, and shallow stubble cultivation.

Standard equipment:

  • Wear-resistant, self-sharpening spoon points with a diameter of 540mm ensure an even, clean and tidy working pattern
  • Star spacing of 90mm,
  • Strong frame and gauge wheels to maintain a depth of operation
  • The intensity of the work and the force of the stars on the ground are adjusted using a tie rod
  • 4 support legs
  • High productivity with high operating speed between 10-30km/h


working width 3.0 m 6.0 m
symbol P423/0 P423/1
weight [kg] 610 1250
power demand[KM] 60 90
transport width [m] 3.0 3.25
number of rotary hoe stars [pc.] 32 64


Additional equipment
road lighting LED
Pneumatic seeder/ fertilizer spreader APV


PLN Polish złoty
EUR Euro