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Fertilizer spreaders SR

Product description


Two-disc fertilizer spreader SR is intended to shallow seeding of granular and powder mineral fertilizer in arable fields, meadows, stubbles and pastures. Centrifugal two-disc seeding system ensures width of seeding of mineral fertilizers from 10 to 24 m.
In standard hoper painted or galvanized, for and the fertilizer spreader can be equipped with a tank made of acid-proof steel. 

Model Maximum capacity Machine symbol 
SR 800 800 kg N063 
SR1200 1200 kg N063/1 
SR 1500 1500 kg N063/2 
SR 2000 2000 kg N063/3 


Standard equipment: 
two-disc spreader device allowing 10-24 m spreading width 
steel hopper, galvanised or powder painted 
inox steel sowing mechanism 
hydraulic bolt control with a possibility of spreading to one side 
Optional equipment:

inox steel hopper 

hopper top-cover 

tarpaulin with tilting frame 

border spreading disc 

road lights LED 







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