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Suspended field sprayers with boom 15 – 18 m




Tank capacity  Working width  Machine symbol 
400l  15 m   
600l  15 m  P128/8 
600l  18 m  P328/0 
800l  15 m  P128/9 
800l  18 m  P328/1 
1000l  15 m  P328/4 
1000l  18 m  P328/5 
1200l  15 m  P328/7 
1200l  18 m  P328/8 



Standard equipment:

tank for cleaning hands

chemical dilution in tank infusion

1-way nozzles

manual adjustment of boom position

manual, Polish regulator

Polish pump P100 of 100l/min efficiency in sprayers with 10-12m boom

Italian pump UDOR ZETA 100 of 100l/min efficiency in sprayers with 15m boom

Italian pump UDOR ZETA 140 of 140l/min efficiency in sprayers with 18m boom


Optional equipment:

3-way nozzles Polish/ARAG

tank for washing liquid system

standard fan air nozzles

hydraulic boom lifting (standard in 18m boom)

manual stabilizer in 12m boom (standard in 15m and 18m boom)

side tank for chemical dilution Polish/ARAG

hydraulic stabilization (for the boom with hydraulic lifting)

hydraulic blockade boom

Italian regulators ARAG

proportional manual 5-valves

proportional 5-valves with control from cabin (only on-off working)

proportional 5-valves with control from cabin (on-off working and pressure regulating)

proportional 5-valves electrical

Italian pumps UDOR

100 l/min (standard for 15 m boom)

140 l/min (standard for 18 m boom)

170 l/min

hydraulic lifting and folding boom 12m , 15m , 18m (type X)

hydraulic distributor

electric control of hydraulic

computer BRAVO 180 S

computer BRAVO 180 S with hydraulic

computer BRAVO 300 S

computer BRAVO 300 S with hydraulic

GPS sensor













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