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Weeder harrow is designed for harrowing grasslands – raking out sod and leveling molehills and cultivation of arable fields – destroying weeds and soil crust. Moreover, the harrow equipped with rigid spring fingers is designed for cultivation of fields after postharvest cultivation and harrowing low stubbles that is raking out crop residues and destroying weeds and self-seeding. Weeder harrow after being equipped with additional working elements, knife skid and a rear smooth roller, forms a tending set. The tending set, equipped with a skid, enables cutting sod and precise leveling molehills during cultivation of grassland whereas during cultivation of fields after skimming, enables leveling unevenness on the field surface. Rear smooth roller of the tending set is employed to cover grass seeds or seed aftercrop with a disc spreader. Aftercrop seeder can be suspended on the front three-point suspension system of the tractor. Manufactured series of types of a weeder harrow covers tools equipped with 2, 4 or 6 working units. 4- and 6-unit harrows are folded hydraulically for transportation. Regardless of the number of units, a harrow can be equipped with working units of width from 1.5 m to 12 m, suspended swingingly on the frame, equipped with spring teeth of various characteristics and scale. 



Working width Machine symbol 
1,5 m 

(1 x 1,5 m) 

3,0 m 

(2 x 1,5 m) 

4,8 m 

(4 x 1,2 m) 

6,0 m 

(4 x 1,5 m) 

7,2 m 

(6 x 1,2 m) 

9,0 m 

(6 x 1,5 m) 

12,0 m 

(8 x 1,5 m) 




Standard equipment:

working section 1,2 or 1,5 m

spring tines 7mm or 8mm in diameter and controlled angle of attack

hydraulic folding arms in 4 , 6 and 8 section harrows


Optional equipment:

knife skid 1,5 m

knife skid 1,2 m

rear smooth roller 1,5 m

rear smooth roller 1,2 m

electric disc spreader (Polish)

pneumatic spreader APV

road lights LED







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