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Trailed field sprayers PREMIUM BIANCO LINE

Product description



Tank capacity Working width Machine symbol PumpWheels 
2000l 18 m P368/7 UDOR 170l 9,5 x 32 
2000l 21 m P158/1 UDOR 200l 9,5 x 32 
2000l 24 m P158/2 UDOR 260l 9,5 x 32 
2500l 18 m P144/1 UDOR 170l 9,5 x 36 
2500l 21 m P144/2 UDOR 200l 9,5 x 36 
2500l 24 m P144/3 UDOR 260l 9,5 x 36 
3000l 18 m P144/4 UDOR 200l 11,2 x 42 
3000l 21 m P144/5 UDOR 200l 11,2 x 42 
3000l 24 m P144/6 UDOR 260l 11,2 x 42 
4000l 18 m P144/7 UDOR 200l 11,2 x 42 
4000l 21 m P144/8 UDOR 260l 11,2 x 42 
4000l 24 m P144/9 UDOR 260l 11,2 x 42 


Standard equipment:

hydraulic lifting and folding of the trapezoid boom

hydraulic stabilization of the boom

electric control of hydraulic

tanks for cleaning hands and washing liquid system one sided, self folding boom

drawbar hitch

liquid system on tube with 3-way nozzles proportional 5-valves electrical ARAG

road lights

Polish side tank for chemical dilution

hydraulic blockade boom

Optional equipment:

4-way nozzles ARAG

torsion hitch (for 2000l and 2500l tanks only)

side tank for chemical dilution ARAG

computer BRAVO 180 S

computer BRAVO 300 S

computer BRAVO 400 S with GPS

pneumatic breaking system

foam marker

tank rinsing jet








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